LENZAN ART production

  今日まで、演奏家という肩書きを通して、幸運にも、演奏だけに限らず、公演企画、演出、プログラム、紙媒体やホームページのデザインに至るまで携わってきました。それは一重に演奏だけではなく、イベント会場に入る前から、お客様に場の雰囲気を楽しんでもらいたいという思いからでした。基本は尺八演奏家として私は活動していますが、様々な形でお声がけを頂き、アーティスト活動を広げるため、2020年3月にLENZAN ART productionを設立しました。演奏の他、イベントの企画・プロデュース、ブランディング、作曲、デザイン、エッセイ等、活動を広げて参ります。皆さまの変わらぬご支援の程、宜しくお願い申し上げます。

工藤 煉山


工藤 煉山​






 ■ ZEN2.0 (禅の国際カンファレンス、場所:鎌倉建長寺)2017年、2018年、2021、2022登壇

 ■ 新宿御苑 「菊花壇展ライトアップ」演奏&演奏時の演出担当(2019年)

 ■ 坂本龍一 series - incomplete "時光 Jiko" でコラボレーション (2020年)


 ■ 禅の響 -ZEN no OTO- (2020年〜)













Lenzan Kudo graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. While in university, he was selected as a representative to give a performance in front of the Imperial Family at Tokagakudo Imperial Palace concert hall in Tokyo. 

After graduation, he traveled to England and performed with orchestras in Europe. Also he was active in a wide range of media such as BBC London. After returning to Japan, he has played across the country in many concert venues and made a guest performance for The Pacific Music Festival. 

Currently, he is engaged in various art fields such as contemporary music performances and installation art, as well as traditional Japanese music. At the same time, he puts effort to introducing traditional Shakuhachi music called “Suizen” (blowing meditation), which was played by the monks of the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism for ascetic practices. Through his new composition of Zen sounds, he expresses Zen philosophy, evolving to be relevant to our modern world.


■”ZEN2.0” Guest Shakuhachi performance in 2017,2018,2021,2022 (International Zen conference held at Kenchoji, Japan’s first Zen Buddhist temple in Kamkura) 

■Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden “Chrysanthemum exhibition 2019 “

Night illuminations Shakuhachi performance and art produce

■A collaboration work in Ryuichi Sakamoto series - "incomplete "  2020

    lenzan kudo + ryuichi sakamoto "時光 Jiko" 


ZEN no OTO   2020〜

【Other activities】

Environmental conservation activities

■Seminar “Reconsider the environmental issues from a viewpoint of Japanese culture”

With Japanese Zen Buddhist philosophy, this seminar offers new understandings of Environmentalism; what it means to be human and the real relationship between capitalism and the environment. Through the study, you will also get some tips of what we can do for the environment in our daily life.

【Workshop / Session】

 ■“Breathing and Shakuhachi” project: 

This program is mainly focused on Tanden breathing* and mindfulness with the tones and the breathing techniques of shakuhachi, to help people deepen their breath and reduce modern people’s stress.

Learn breath technique based on the total abandonment of any tension in the body and any mental interaction with breathing. Take notice of the messages of the breath. Your breath tells you.

* Tanden breathing; respiration by working the inner part of the lower abdomen just beneath the navel


■“Face yourself and body -Feel your five senses- ”

This is a total program including breathing exercises to awaken your mind and body. Based on eastern philosophy, there are variety of practices to enhance physical activities, control your mind and breath, learn spatial perception, nourish your organs, and develop your creativity and imagination.