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Composed Music

+ Ryuichi Sakamoto

時光 Jiko [ series - " incomplete "]

Sound cloud



心透 Shinto - single

2012年作曲 亡き父を偲び作った曲です。 生前の父はとても寛大で包むような愛を持った方でした。 心に穴があいた空虚さ。そして何かへの訴え。最後に打ちひしがれても父の死を受け入れる情景を描いた曲です。 心に染み渡るよう、浄化されるよう作曲しました。

Composed & Produced by Lenzan Kudo in 2012

Shakuhachi & Piano : Lenzan Kudo


Composed in memory of my beloved father who passed away in 2012. He was a very generous and affectionate person. In this music, I expressed the feelings of emptiness, uncontrollable emotions and peace in my heart after accepting the grief of his death.

Listen to this prayer sounds that soothes and purifies your soul.


Disorder - single


Composed & Produced by Lenzan Kudo in 2013


I composed this piece because I was deeply moved by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The selfish and also violent nature of human nature, which is in our nature and which we all have. We must continue to learn for the sake of peace.


回向 Eko

尺八は江戸時代、普化宗という禅宗の僧侶が修行の一貫として用いていました。「吹禅」と呼ばれるその演奏は独奏で、禅の世界観を表すものが多く残っています。アルバム「回向 Eko」は、そうした世界観を現代の形として表現するために作曲した音源で、楽曲というよりも音そのものの存在に重きを置いています。新しい禅の世界観をお楽しみください。

In the Edo period (17th–18th century). shakuhachi was used by the monks of the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism for ascetic practices, called “Suizen” (blowing meditation). Traditionally performed by solo, the spirit of Zen permeates many of the compositions. 

This album “Eko” features my own Zen compositions in which express aesthetics of “Mujo” and “Ku” (Impermanence and Emptiness), evolving to be relevant to the modern world.

Unlike other music, this album is deeply focused on the sound itself

Enjoy soulful sounds and experience the new depth of Zen Shakuhachi .




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